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6-7pm Monday 6/29 join us @ The Poet’s Brain

Terioso MilenaJoin us tonight from 6-7pm at The Poet’s Brain with Terioso Milena. Terios is the pseudonym for the brown girl multi-tattooed Southern author who currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her tattoo artist husband and 2 cats (one of whom likes to have his tail pulled vigorously). Multi-degreed and on the shy side of 40, she longs only to be an independently wealthy music librarian/voice teacher/gigging musician.


What’s Happening This Marvelous May on HNC Alley


The HNC Alley is excited to bring you a Marvelous May!  So much is happening this month. 

May 4th – For starters we had an awesome “Unwind Music Monday with Music from Jana KyoMoon”.  It was fantastic! 

May 11th – Our Storytelling will have a bit of European flair with Mr. Bramblewood, a show you don’t want to miss.

May 13th & 15th – Up and coming is our Open Mic with Raayne Jaxxon and LadySen Laval 2nd Wednesdays and 3rd Fridays.  Drop them a note to find out this months topic – hint: something to do with Spring!

May 25th – Join us for wonderful fairytales by Aianna Oh! At the Poet’s Brain from 6-7pm PST/SLT for Storytelling Night!

May 29th -Last but certainly not least, if you are in the state of New York, there will be a Live Party just for you happening in the “Skylight Room”.  This is for all the New Yorkers out there!  Coming to you from NY with Neo Soul, RnB, Jazz is DJ Marjorie Dibou!  We are about to do something at this party that we have never done before, we are going to raffle RL tickets to a Live concert in NY “Tribute to Prince” with BB King.  Tell anyone and everyone, you might be the winner.

Coming Soon – to a store near you will be the new Video DVD of “Flowin” at the Poet’s Brain.  See some of the best Poet’s of Second Life!  For more information please contact Laila Tomorrow!

It’s all happening on the Alley, the HNC Alley where Humans Network and Connect!  See you there!

The Poet’s Brain

Let's Get Royal And Reign On The Mic

Let's Get Royal And Reign On The Mic

Let's Get Together For Some RealTalk
 Let’s Get Together For Some RealTalk


Come join us at The Poet’s Brain Open Mic Night. Let it Raayne on the Mic; no spittin’ allowed!

If you want to reign on the mic or just come by for some “Real Talk” please join us in second life at The Poet’s Brain, a virtual HNC Alley Venue, bringing you a variety of Poetic Melodies. Come inworld and join the The Poet’s Brain Masterminds group and get updates on upcoming events.

As we sit back and experience the autonomic audible flow of the Poet’s Brain. These Makers of Verses will share their imaginative experession through spoken word, song. and music. We will have open mic, storytelling and music jam sessions.

This months theme is “Spring Thing !” 2nd Wednesday May 13th with Raayne Jaxxon from 6-8pm SLT

This months theme is :” Spring-Like blossoms” 3rd Friday with LadySen Laval from 6-8pm SLT.