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The BeatNIk Was a Hit at The Poet’s Brain!

Laila on the Bass

Laila on the Bass

Well last Wednesday’s Show was a first for Laila and The Poet’s Brain!  Raayne Jaxxon is on sabaticle and the “Reign on the Mic” open mic show is going to take on a new face. 

Laila, just coming out of her Poet’s shell was thrust into the roll of MC in Raayne’s absence.  We started our first second Wednesday of the month with “Beatnik Night”, the poetry was phenomenal!  Practically everyone in the room participated!

There were multiple musical mingus’ to accompany your poetry, few used the bass but Laila gave it a whirl.

We had tons of fun ranting and raving and plan to do yet another theme night coming soon at the Poet’s Brain on the 2nd Wednesday of the month 6-8pm SLT/PST.


See you there!