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Award Winning African American Author

Award Winning African American Author

The Poet’s Brain is please to bring Connie Briscoe aka Zillow Dejavu to the stage.  Connie will grace us with a reading of her new book.  You don’t want to miss this fabulous Award Winning author. 

When: June  28, 2009
Time: 12:30pm SLT/PST

Connie Briscoe has been a full-time published author for more than 15 years, with six novels, one photo-essay book and one novella published to date. She’s worked with many of the major book publishers, including HarperCollins, Doubleday, Ballentine, and Harlequin. Her work has hit several best-seller lists, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, USA Today Weekend, and Essence magazine.
Her latest novel, Sisters and Husbands, was published in June 2009 by Grand Central Publishing (Hachette Book Group). It is a sequel to her first novel, Sisters and Lovers, which has sold more than 750,000 copies to date.
USA Today ran a cover story about Connie and her work, titled Connie Briscoe brings back her trailblazing ‘Sisters’, in May 2009–



June has been a wonderful month filled with song, poetry and art. 



The first Monday of this month we experienced Jana Kyomoon’s lovely music for peace.  JaNa KYoMoon is the owner of Music Peace Park, hear the wonderful sounds of  Refelective music at the Poet’s Brain, every first Monday of the month from 6-7pm PST.  Her music is best described as rhythm mixed with melody, solo piano, triphop, jazz and improvized ambient synths.  You don’t want to miss it!  Here is a poem I was inspired to write during her set:

[As I walk into the Abyss
I see the thin cloud of midst
Passing my face
As my heart begins to race
Uncertain to what lies ahead
All the while yearning for something to be said
By the someone whose watching me
The music has set me free
To live life with courage
And be happy with me    ByLaila Tomorrow ]


Every 2nd Monday of the month was such a delight.  She introduced a Quest Project that was really interesting.  Helping the “Blind” to experience second life.  Stay tuned for follow ups and more interesting Story Quest projects from Jenaia  every 2nd Monday of the month from 6-7pm PST.


Every 4th Monday of the Month from 6-7pm PST, we will be transformed from real life to second life in the Fairytale that Aianna brings.  She has written several real life and second life books about a mystical fairyland.  Aianna has infused her storytelling with excerpts from her book and poetry.  Talking blossoms, fairy dust and a rotating floral seat as she shares the adventures in her fairyland.


REIGN ON THE MIC -EVERY 2ND WED FROM 6-8PM PST                                    Unfortunately do to inclement weather we were shutdown on this Wed. show, however Raayne will be in full event this coming Wednesday, June 24th same time.  If you want to do it right, join us at The Poet’s Brain for Open Mic! Every 2nd Wednesday of the month with Raayne Jaxxon. 
Everyone is a star, so no need to go too far
Drop a notecard or use voice if you like
Let the audible flow of your thoughts Reign on the Mic               

There will be plenty of time for freestyle and flow, these are some things we just need to know.  To ensure we have no breaks in-between, come prepared to be heard as well as seen

Your  lovely MC  Raayne Jaxxon coming to you live from Washington DC has been writing for the last 7 years, you don’t want to miss this soft and infectious poetic mastermind.


Woah! Last Friday’s show started off shaky, considering I was the MC for all of 15 minutes into the show! But LadySen showed up and showed out!  She was great as always and we had some new talent in the house, that shook us and took us to new places.  

Bring a pen or even chalk,
It’s all about “Real Talk”

Turn on your voice
You won’t have a choice
But to let your creative-mind flow
And tell us what you know

The vibe is infectious up in here
Hear LadySen, as she Sets The Atmosphere

Your  sultry MC  LadySen Laval swayin’ and slayin’ all the way from St. Louis has been laying thoughts to pen for a while, you don’t want to miss how she sets the atmosphere  St. Louie Style.


Syl Darcy – Come see Syl Darcy’s phenomenal work, both second life and real life.  Especially her webcam of her real life work she is currently doing for a someone in the “entertainment” industry.  You don’t want to miss it!


22nd Monday 6-7pm PST – Aianna Oh  “Storytelling”

24th Wednesday 6-8pm PST – Raayne Jaxxon “Reign on the Mic!”

28th Sunday 3:30pm PST  – Zillow Dejavu “Book Review”!  A full-time published author for more than 10 years, whose work has hit many major best-seller lists, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, USA Today Weekend, and Essence magazine.

29th Monday 6-7pm PST – Terioso Milena “Storytelling” is the pseudonym for the brown girl multi-tattooed Southern author who currently resides there with her tattoo artist husband and 2 cats (one of whom likes to have his tail pulled vigorously).  Multi-degreed and on the shy side of 40, she longs only to be an independently wealthy music librarian/voice teacher/gigging musician.

30th Tuesday – The Release of new video FLOWIN’ a video that displays the awesome talent of Poetry MasterMinds found at the Poet’s Brain! Featuring House Ragu, Ladysen Laval, Raayne Jaxxon, and Woo Nitely!