What’s Happening This Marvelous May on HNC Alley


The HNC Alley is excited to bring you a Marvelous May!  So much is happening this month. 

May 4th – For starters we had an awesome “Unwind Music Monday with Music from Jana KyoMoon”.  It was fantastic! 

May 11th – Our Storytelling will have a bit of European flair with Mr. Bramblewood, a show you don’t want to miss.

May 13th & 15th – Up and coming is our Open Mic with Raayne Jaxxon and LadySen Laval 2nd Wednesdays and 3rd Fridays.  Drop them a note to find out this months topic – hint: something to do with Spring!

May 25th – Join us for wonderful fairytales by Aianna Oh! At the Poet’s Brain from 6-7pm PST/SLT for Storytelling Night!

May 29th -Last but certainly not least, if you are in the state of New York, there will be a Live Party just for you happening in the “Skylight Room”.  This is for all the New Yorkers out there!  Coming to you from NY with Neo Soul, RnB, Jazz is DJ Marjorie Dibou!  We are about to do something at this party that we have never done before, we are going to raffle RL tickets to a Live concert in NY “Tribute to Prince” with BB King.  Tell anyone and everyone, you might be the winner.

Coming Soon – to a store near you will be the new Video DVD of “Flowin” at the Poet’s Brain.  See some of the best Poet’s of Second Life!  For more information please contact Laila Tomorrow!

It’s all happening on the Alley, the HNC Alley where Humans Network and Connect!  See you there!


The Poet’s Brain

Let's Get Royal And Reign On The Mic

Let's Get Royal And Reign On The Mic

Let's Get Together For Some RealTalk
 Let’s Get Together For Some RealTalk


Come join us at The Poet’s Brain Open Mic Night. Let it Raayne on the Mic; no spittin’ allowed!

If you want to reign on the mic or just come by for some “Real Talk” please join us in second life at The Poet’s Brain, a virtual HNC Alley Venue, bringing you a variety of Poetic Melodies. Come inworld and join the The Poet’s Brain Masterminds group and get updates on upcoming events.

As we sit back and experience the autonomic audible flow of the Poet’s Brain. These Makers of Verses will share their imaginative experession through spoken word, song. and music. We will have open mic, storytelling and music jam sessions.

This months theme is “Spring Thing !” 2nd Wednesday May 13th with Raayne Jaxxon from 6-8pm SLT

This months theme is :” Spring-Like blossoms” 3rd Friday with LadySen Laval from 6-8pm SLT.

Join us for Unwind Music Mondays@The Poet’s Brain

Every last Monday of the month the Poet’s Brain will have a Music Jam Session with an outstanding musician, playing live music from 6-7pm SLT.

 Join us for an Unwind Music Mondays  with JaNa KYoMooN a maker of Music for Peace.  JaNa KYoMoon is the owner of Music Peace Park, hear the wonderful sounds of  Refelective music here at the Poet’s Brain.

When: May 4th  6-7pm SLT
Where: The Poet’s Brain

FRIDAY – 2 x 30 minute spots mixing rhythm with melody, solo piano, triphop, jazz and improvized ambient synths

Coming Soon to the Alley

Hello and welcome back to HNC Alley’s Blog and website.   We are closing out February with a BANG!  We have thoroughly enjoyed the live events here on the Alley over the past few months.  Seeing new creative artist ranging in Art, Music and Poetry. 

We had loads of fun at our last Open Mic with LadySen we had to come up with 3 line poems on the fly!  That was fun! 

As the Alley continues to grow in the Arts we are going to try something new!  Laila Tomorrow an HNC Alley Owner, has Type 2 Diabetes and in her efforts to help herself she decided to help others locally, nationally and internationally.  She will be partnering with Jenaia Morane (a Mastermind Poet at The Poet’s Brain) will be teaching a 6 week class called Diabetes for Healthy People:  Living and thriving with diabetes (©Copyright 2009 by Jena Ball/Jenaia Morane. All Rights Reserved.)

Diabetes for Healthy People is a class designed to help diabetics (and those interested in eating well to prevent developing diabetes) learn how to change not only their eating habits but their relationship to food as well.

Through a series of fun and thought provoking classes and assignments, members of the class will explore:

– How the body handles sugars and what it means to be a diabetic
– How diabetics can manage their blood sugars through a systematic approach to eating and exercise
– How to develop a enjoyable and satisfying relationship with food
– How to prepare and enjoy a wide range of foods that are not only tasty by nutritious and satisfying as well.

These classes will begin in May twice a day for those in the US and Europe time zones; all from the comforts of your home via www.secondlife.com.  T

To get help with gaining access and mobility within this virtual world please leave us a message at the contact info below.

For more information contact jenaia.morane@gmail.com or \ Laila Tomorrow inworld or at : HNC.alley@gmail.com

Prospects’ The Only Way To Network

Join us at Prospects’ the only way to Network! Take your static connections, roledex, your linkedin, plaxo, facebook AND myspace and teleport them into Second Life.  You can interact real time with your connections form around the world without ever leaving the comforts of your own home.

All you need to do is log on to www.secondlife.com, get an avatar, and teleport yourself to “Prospects’ it’s the only way to network.

The Poet’s Brain – Tell A Story Night Is A Success

Welcome to the Poet’s Brain, an HNC Alley Venue, bringing you a variety of Poetic Melodies.  Join The Poet’s Brain Masterminds and get updates on upcoming events.

As we sit back and experience the autonomic audible flow of the Poet’s Brain.  These Makers of Verses will share their imaginative experession through spoken word, song. and music.

We will have open mic, storytelling and music jam sessions.  See you on the HNC Alley

That’s right we kicked off 2009 with an awesome Night of Fantasy reading by Aianna Oh.  It was a success!  As we entered the room their were serenity blossoms on the steps of the entry way, as you touched them mystical melodies resounded in the air and a poem written by Aianna appears before you. 

Once we entetered the room we were surround by a beautiful fairyland of blossoms, harps and Aianna’s rotating flower where she read pieces of her book.  A lovely time was had by all.

Look forward to seeing you every Monday from 4:30pm to 6pm at The Poet’s Brain.  Upcoming Story Tellers:

January 12th – Jenaia Morane

January 19th – Radegun Bracken

January 26th – TBA

February 2nd – Persephone Phoenix

February 9th – Kamaria Fall

February 16th – Dulcie Mills

February 23rd – TBA


See you soon!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of the folks on the Alley!  We have had an exceptionally great 2008 and look forward to a prosperous 2009.

The Human Network Connection Alley is the place for Social Networking in a creative kind of way.  As you have read from our past postings, we have several venues to explore in bringing the right people together. 

If you have not had the chance to visit us please stop by to one of our Events.


This Month Check out  the following:

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HNC Arcade -TBA Grand Opening

Prospects’ – TBA North Carolinians Coming Together

The Poet’s Brain – Jan 5th features Aianna Oh

HNC Artist Lounge – January Features Verde Otaared

See you soon!