Coming Soon to the Alley

Hello and welcome back to HNC Alley’s Blog and website.   We are closing out February with a BANG!  We have thoroughly enjoyed the live events here on the Alley over the past few months.  Seeing new creative artist ranging in Art, Music and Poetry. 

We had loads of fun at our last Open Mic with LadySen we had to come up with 3 line poems on the fly!  That was fun! 

As the Alley continues to grow in the Arts we are going to try something new!  Laila Tomorrow an HNC Alley Owner, has Type 2 Diabetes and in her efforts to help herself she decided to help others locally, nationally and internationally.  She will be partnering with Jenaia Morane (a Mastermind Poet at The Poet’s Brain) will be teaching a 6 week class called Diabetes for Healthy People:  Living and thriving with diabetes (©Copyright 2009 by Jena Ball/Jenaia Morane. All Rights Reserved.)

Diabetes for Healthy People is a class designed to help diabetics (and those interested in eating well to prevent developing diabetes) learn how to change not only their eating habits but their relationship to food as well.

Through a series of fun and thought provoking classes and assignments, members of the class will explore:

– How the body handles sugars and what it means to be a diabetic
– How diabetics can manage their blood sugars through a systematic approach to eating and exercise
– How to develop a enjoyable and satisfying relationship with food
– How to prepare and enjoy a wide range of foods that are not only tasty by nutritious and satisfying as well.

These classes will begin in May twice a day for those in the US and Europe time zones; all from the comforts of your home via  T

To get help with gaining access and mobility within this virtual world please leave us a message at the contact info below.

For more information contact or \ Laila Tomorrow inworld or at :


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