The Poet’s Brain – Tell A Story Night Is A Success

Welcome to the Poet’s Brain, an HNC Alley Venue, bringing you a variety of Poetic Melodies.  Join The Poet’s Brain Masterminds and get updates on upcoming events.

As we sit back and experience the autonomic audible flow of the Poet’s Brain.  These Makers of Verses will share their imaginative experession through spoken word, song. and music.

We will have open mic, storytelling and music jam sessions.  See you on the HNC Alley

That’s right we kicked off 2009 with an awesome Night of Fantasy reading by Aianna Oh.  It was a success!  As we entered the room their were serenity blossoms on the steps of the entry way, as you touched them mystical melodies resounded in the air and a poem written by Aianna appears before you. 

Once we entetered the room we were surround by a beautiful fairyland of blossoms, harps and Aianna’s rotating flower where she read pieces of her book.  A lovely time was had by all.

Look forward to seeing you every Monday from 4:30pm to 6pm at The Poet’s Brain.  Upcoming Story Tellers:

January 12th – Jenaia Morane

January 19th – Radegun Bracken

January 26th – TBA

February 2nd – Persephone Phoenix

February 9th – Kamaria Fall

February 16th – Dulcie Mills

February 23rd – TBA


See you soon!


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