Let’s Make A Human Connection!

Get ready to experience Real Life  in Second Life!  The Human Network Connection is having it’s first Grand Opening this week at the HNC Alley on Charlevoix 32, 85, 29.  We are looking forward to seeing you at the HNC Artist Lounge where you can see beautiful artwork from Artist Parris Galli and hear an awesome voice and brilliant music by Blu Ducrot.  The fun won’t stop there we will also experience poetic melody from The Poet’s Brain Mastermind Poets all happening:

Pre-Opening Tuesday Dec 2nd 3:00-6pm PST

Grand Opening Friday Dec 5th 4:00-6pm PST

The HNC Alley is a virtual place where Human’s Network and Connect. 

If you are interested in being linked-in to real life opportunities, networking with others with similar interest and locations, or just want to have fun.  Join us at the HNC Alley live where you can meet extraordinary Artist at the HNC Artist Lounge, unleash your competitive spirit at the HNC Arcade for fun and games.  Network with folks in your industry at “Prospects”  Networking Bar.

If you still need to unwind, listen to the sounds of our Live Musicians playing their soulful tunes or experience the  flow of the poetic masterminds who set the atmosphere at the Poet’s Brain.

Look forward to seeing you at the HNC Alley!


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